Under the title “Robotische Systeme für die Pflege” (“Robotic Systems for Nursing”), the nursing science partial expert opinion “Autonomous Assistance Systems in Nursing: Potentials and Limits from a Nursing Science Perspective” has now been published as a book (Hülsken-Giesler/Remmers 2020, V&R-Verlag). The nursing-scientific line of argumentation is once again presented in a much more differentiated manner in this publication than in the overarching TAB report (Kehl 2018).

For more information, see: https://www.vandenhoeck-ruprecht-verlage.com/themen-entdecken/psychologie-psychotherapie-beratung/medizin-pflege-neurowissenschaften/pflegewissenschaft/54997/robotische-systeme-fuer-die-pflege

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