Videos and Simulations on the Robotic Systems of the Funding Line

In the following you can see the robotics developed in the project in action.


Development of an adaptive and multifunctional motorized bed with a robotic arm system for use in nursing care.


The aim of the project is to develop a resource-oriented aid that compensates and balances out functional losses caused by illness.


To develop a multifunctional robotic system, components of the service robotics platform HoLLiE are being developed and evaluated for three tasks in care, each with two scenarios.


The aim is to significantly increase the mobilisation rate of critically ill patients.


Mobile robotic care assistant to improve participation, care and safety in home care through video-based family network.


PeTRA’s overall technical goal is to develop a robotic support solution in patient logistics – the PeTRA system. It is intended to provide qualified care while relieving the workload of nursing staff.


PfleKoRo has set itself the goal of relieving the physical and time burden on caregivers when caring for bedridden and
severely dependent persons


Existing digital and robotic systems will be used in everyday clinical practice to investigate the extent to which caregivers can be relieved.


The aim of the project is to qualify the service robot workerbot6TM for tasks in care.


A Robot that talks to the patient, reminds him/her of appointments and can exchange messages with relatives via an app.